I’m Florian
Cloud Enthusiast

I am from France and I love to build things in the Cloud.
I design software solutions, write blog posts and have a fun hobby! Enthusiastic about Cloud, DevOps and innovation.

About Me

Hi, I'm Florian Clanet, Technical leader/Cloud Architect at Sopra Steria and technical blogger sharing my learning journey and helping newcomers to get into Cloud.

What I'm doing while you read my resume

Cloud architect, DevOps and Security enthusiast:

  • - Building cool things in the Cloud (AWS, Azure...)
  • - Automating stuff!
  • - Learning new things and discovering new IT fields
  • - Machine Learning is my last one that I have been learning for a few month now

Technical leader:

  • - Helping people grow in the team
  • - Building a quality, performance and pleasant environment
  • - Spreading good practices
  • - Client focused
  • - Tech watch

Content creator:

  • - Creating content to share my tech adventures through blog posts and my Twitter account
  • - Building lighting designs for stages

Curiosity is my main sin and I’m trying to share it with people!



Sopra Steria
Designing software solution and helping customers solve problems
Sopra Steria
  • - Devops: Git, Continuous Integration (Jenkins), infrastructure as code, devops culture.
  • - AWS (IAM, WAF, EC2, KMS...)
  • - Angular, .NET
  • - FinOps: optimize environments
  • - International team
  • - Security best practices (AWS WAF, OWASP...)
  • - Monitoring (ELK, Splunk)
Les Enfoiros
  • - Lighting design and operations
  • - Team management (20 people)
  • - Budget management (> 5000€)
Sopra Steria

Application and UI/UX development internship

  • - User interface development
  • - Proofs of concept / Benchmarking
  • - Digital projects
Institut national des Sciences appliquées of Toulouse
  • - Computer Club Manager
  • - Technical / Lighting director for "Les Enfoiros de l'INSA
  • - Technical team of student association "Amicale des élèves INSA Toulouse"
Toulouse Business School
  • - Management and support in innovation development
  • - Creativity
  • - Funding
  • - Innovation oriented culture
  • - Startup projects
Università di Bologna
  • Software architecture - Odoo: Architecture of an open source ERP software
  • Social Snapshots: Digital Forensics for Online Social Networks


Have a look at my work


AWS Solution Architect Associate

Azure Fundamentals

SecNum academy